Human Social Complexity

If you can describe complexity then it is not complex anymore.

Ross Ashby

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Knowledge Generation As A Complex Social System
By Gerrit Van Wyk. Getting one’s work published today is different from what it used to be. Many consider self-publishing a vanity project, and pay little attention to self-published...
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The Trouble with Systems Thinking
By Gerrit Van Wyk. The grid Flood and Jackson use for Total System Intervention (TSI), unintentionally exposes a major dilemma system thinking faces. The basic premise is...
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The Problem of Complex Coercive Systems
By Gerrit Van Wyk. Flood and Jackson created a grid for grouping problem contexts in the 1990’s, with one axis representing the nature of reality, or systems, consisting of simple...
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Soft Systems Methodology As A Complex Phenomenon
By Gerrit Van Wyk. Peter Checkland and coworkers designed a method of inquiry called Soft Systems Methodology (SSM). They realized problems associated with human activity tend...
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Edgar Morin on Systems and Complexity
By Gerrit Van Wyk “We need a kind of thinking that reconnects that which is disjointed and compartmentalized, that respects diversity as it recognizes unity, and that tries to...
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C West Churchman, Systems Thinker
By Gerrit Van Wyk. West Churchman’s work and thinking looms large in my understanding of systems thinking. I don’t claim to be an expert on Churchman’s thought and...
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