Both my education and research are multi-disciplinary which can be daunting for people used to more traditional silos. As I progressed through both, my thinking matured and changed but many foundational pieces remain in place.


MB ChB, University of the Free State, South Africa, 1978.
MMed in Urology, University of the Free State, South Africa, 1985.
MPhil, Program for Systems Management, Department of Engineering Management, University of Cape Town, South Africa. Externally examined at UC Berkeley, USA, 1996.
Executive MBA, Henley Business School, University of Reading, UK, 2000. Dean’s medal winner.
Certificate in Health Leadership, University of Regina, Canada, 2004.
Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada (LMCC), 2005.
National Introductory Arbitration Course, ADR Institute of Canada, 2017.
National Introductory Mediation Course, ADR Institute of Canada, 2018.
Foundation Level Certificate of the Physician Leadership Institute, Canada, 2010. Attended 23 PLI courses.

Professional Experience

Consultant Urologist: Five Hills Health Region and Saskatchewan Health Authority, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

Manager Specialist Networks, Managed Healthcare Systems (Pty) Ltd., Johannesburg, South Africa.

Consultant Urologist: Garden City and Olivedale Clinic, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Consultant Urologist: Greenacres, St Georges, and Provincial Hospitals, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Consultant and Lecturer in Urology, University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa.


Affiliate Researcher, Waterloo Institute for Complexity and Innovation, University of Waterloo, Ontario.

Council Member for the Five Hills Health Region at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Member of the Executive and acting Vice-president, Five Hills Health Region Regional Medical Association, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Chief of Surgery, Five Hills Health Region, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

Specialist Advisor to Managed Healthcare Systems (Pty) Ltd., Johannesburg, South Africa.

Faculty Panel Member and Assessor, Graduate Institute of Management and Technology, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Guest Lecturer, Department of Business Administration, Nelson Mandela Metropole University, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Health care Consultant, QA Care, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Secretary, Eastern Cape Specialists Forum, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Board Member, St Georges Hospital, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.



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Lean Health Care. Swimming with Sharks, College Station, TX, 2017.
A Prescription for the Mess in Health Care, College Station, TX, 2011.
A Systems Approach to Organizational Culture. The Key to the Implementation Problem? College Station, TX, 2011.
A Postmodern Metatheory of Knowledge as a System, Trafford Publishing: Victoria, BC, 2004.
A Systems Approach to Social and Organizational Planning, Cure for the Mess in Health Care? Trafford Publishing: Victoria, BC, 2003.

Book Chapter

Padkaarte: ‘n Nawoord, in: Die Lewe Na Die Dood: Sal ons nog droom as ons dood is? (Translation: Road maps: An after word, in: Life after death: Will we still dream after we died?), Editor Muller, P., Sindikom: Pretoria, 2004.


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Publish or Perish – A System and A Mess, Systems Practice and Action Research 11(3): 245-258, 1998.


Safe surgery saves lives. An evaluation of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health’s Surgical Checklist policy, Report to the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health, 2011.


A Failed Change Initiative – Lessons from a Personal Experience, Dissertation towards the Henley Management College MBA, 2000.
Medicine and Medical Process as a Learning System, Dissertation towards the University of Cape Town M Phil in Systems Management, 1996.

Unpublished Research

Humans are different. And darn complex! 2021 (Unpublished Book).

The secret life of COVID-19, 2020.
Making decisions in complex environments, 2020.
Ideology, 2020.

Narratives of ideology and social exclusion in health care, 2019 (Unsubmitted dissertation towards the DMan, University of Hertfordshire).

Hidden conversations, 2019.
Changing organizations through conversation and dialogue, 2019.
What is complexity? 2019.
New generation organizations, 2016.
Complex responsive processes of relating is complex, 2016.
On the complexity of Soft Systems Methodology, 2016.
Human systems are different, 2016.
Social systems are complex, 2015.
Medical professionalism – quo vadis? 2012.
Prostate cancer. The numbers from the literature, 2012.
Evidence Based Medicine and clinical practice guidelines, a conundrum, 2012.
The problem of the Medical Expert, 2011.
Lean versus Total Quality Management, 2010.
Why the Surgical Safety Checklist is a mistake (Discussion document), 2010.
Politics, bureaucracy, and the law, 2009.
Human group interaction, 2009.
Decision-making, 2009.
The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan as a human activity System – Part 1 (Discussion document), 2008.
Leadership, 2005.
Measuring Quality in Healthcare, 2002.
Formulating a Plan to Cope with Inequities and Shortages in the Accessibility and Availability of Care and Medication by Examining What Is Just and Ethical Resource Allocation with the Aim of Designing Fair and Ethical Ways of Dealing with A Crisis of Accessibility (Paper presented at Medical Ethics 2000), 2000.
Economic Issues and Healthcare, 1999.
The Current Status of Quality in Healthcare, 1998 (Revised 2000).
The Referral System, 1998 (Revised 1999).
What Is “Health”? 1997 (Revised 2000).
Wholismic Thinking for Beginners. Prepared for lectures in Strategic Planning, Department of Business Science Nelson Mandela Metropole University, 1997.
Power Systems, 1997.
Appreciative Systems, 1997.
Inquiring Systems, 1997.
The Importance of a Concept of Causality for Medicine and Medical Process, 1996 (Revised 1999).
The Patient-Physician System, 1996 (Revised 1999).
Healthcare Is a Mess, 1996 (Revised 1999).

PDF copies of the documents can be obtained by contacting me.

“True wisdom is less presuming than folly. The wise man doubteth often, and changeth his mind; the fool is obstinate, and doubteth not; he knoweth all things but his own ignorance.”

Pharaoh Akhenaton